Making a text must be limited to people who have contributed and are responsible to the public for content. This contribution includes

  1. Concept, design, analysis and interpretation of data;
  2. compile articles or revise them critically on content;
  3. Final approval of the version to be issued;
  4. agreement to be responsible for all aspects by ensuring that questions related to accuracy or integrity are properly investigated and resolved.

Submission of the manuscript to Open Access Jakarta Journals of Health Science means that all authors submitting to us have agreed with all content on a subject. The appropriate author (sender) is responsible for ensuring that the contents of this agreement are well understood, and always communicates between journals and co-authors before and after publication. When there is a request for changes to the author's list after submission, such as changes in the author's order, or deletion or addition of the author must be accompanied by a letter signed by all original authors.

 Authors who submit to Open Access Jakarta Journals of Health Sciencemust ensure that:

  1. This article is original work and does not involve fraud, forgery, or plagiarism. we use ithenticateas a plagiarism test
  2. The article has never been published before and is currently not considered for publication elsewhere.
  3. All authors have reviewed the manuscript and are responsible for its contents
  4. All authors know and agree to the terms of this publishing agreement.
  5. Articles do not contain defamatory or unlawful statements and do not contain material that violates individual privacy, ownership rights or copyright according to law.
  6. All quotes from copyrighted works that must be included and have credited those sources.